ACD is a representative company in the region
and will try to contribute to the region,
create jobs, and foster talent.

ACD, which started in Gumi City, will always be a company
that can contribute to the region without losing its original intention.
We will support the company and its members to enjoy growth together.

  • Local donations

    · Donating books and supporting instructor fees at the Yangpo-dong Library in Gumi-si.

    · Operate the Haemaru Valley Baseball Tournament and apply for the Gumi Baseball Association.

    · Support various cultural events in Haemaru Valley Shopping Center.

    · Regular sponsorship of orphanages and child welfare centers.

    · Reviewing the establishment of a high school and a healing forest.

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  • Job creation

    · For the development of local industries, preferential treatment for hiring from local regions.

    · Create local jobs in ACD, Haemaru Valley Shopping Center.

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  • Human resource management

    · As a small and medium-sized enterprise that fosters talent and a company that shares future performance,
    the company and its employees enjoy growth together.

    · Work-learning dual program, operation of training in the company.

    · Support for physical strength and self-development.

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