Recruitment Procedure

  • Job posting icon
    Job posting

    Recruit site, ACD Homepage

  • 서류전형 icon
    The document screening process
  • 임원면접 icon
    Executive interview
  • 합격/불합격 통보 icon
    Notification of acceptance/failure

    · successful applicant : Notice phone call
    · dropout : Notice SNS

    Confirm join a Company
    Draft Human resources affairs
    Successful applicant
    · Getting ready to hire new employees
    · The documents for submission
    New employees On the Job Trainning
    · Welcoming event for new employees
    · Company introduction

Human resource development

  • 직무교육 icon
    Job traing
  • 리더쉽 교육 icon
    Leadership training
  • 법정교육 icon
    Legal duty training
  • 사이버온라인교육 icon
    Cyber online training
  • 전사공통교육 icon
    Company common training

Evaluation & Compensation System

  • 평가제도 icon

    Team member evaluation : Individual work performance(KPI)/Synergy

    Team leader evaluation : Team leader Performance & Leadership evaluation

  • 보상제도 icon

    Individual & Team work performance : Performance-related pay on the evaluation, special promotion

    Proud ACD people Reward : Excellent employee, Long term employed person


지원금/보험 icon

University Hospital medical examination(once a year), Intracorporate loan, Support family event, Group accident insurance, Welfare point, Gift card(5 times a year)

급여제도 icon

Retirement pension, Select excellent staff, Performance-related pay, Overtime∙holiday allowance, Annual vacation allowance, Employment insurance

선물 icon

Gift sets on the national holiday, The anniversary of the estabilishment memento, Birthday gift

교육/생활 icon
Education & Life

The anniversary of the estabilishment event, Affiliated Resort, Cyber training institute, Canteen, Snack bar, Refreshments

근무환경 icon
Service environment

Conference room, Cafeteria, Supply uniform, Employee card

조직문화 icon
Organizational culture

Free dress code, No push overtime

출퇴근 icon

Provide dormitory(Walking possibe, Luxury apartment), Parking

리프레시 icon
Refresh vacation

Annual paid vacation, Summer vacation, Family event vacation, Refresh vacation, Labour day, Substitute holiday, Maternity leave